Hubilo’s all-new event networking platform that creates a memorable event experience and maximize attendee ROI.


Welcome to Hubilo Connect, a networking platform that let’s event organizers offer attendees a superior networking experience.

Hubilo Connect makes it easy for attendees to discover, interact and engage with others to uplift their overall experience.

Event attendees can easily discover other relevant visitors under the “attendee” section, filtering them by industry, designation and more.

Interaction with these newly discovered participants is super easy through built-in chat.

Get your event it’s own social platform with Hubilo Connect. Allow attendees to post discussions, images, and videos, let attendees like, share and comment just like a social media platform.

Spark relevant conversations through live polls and session Q&A.

The entire app can be easily set up from the organizer’s event dashboard

They can pre-populate attendee data, configure the login mechanism, set custom theme and color, all with just a few clicks.

So start growing your event community with Hubilo’s exclusive event networking platform.