Traverse City Light & Power Installation Repair Technician Gabriel Vasquez prepares to install fiber at a Ninth Street home on Thursday in Traverse City. TCLPfiber, the new broadband network that officially launched Thursday in downtown and parts of Central Neighborhood brings the option of high speed fiber optic internet and digital voice services to 1,900 of TCLP’s 12,700 residential and commercial customers. Currently, 43 customers are connected, with 92 on deck. Expansion of the service, covering the entire Central Neighborhood and another 1,000 customers, will take place over the winter. “We’re very excited to finally get to this point, where we can provide this service to the resdeints and businesses of TC, said TCL&P Executive Director Tim Arends, who said the recent surge in things like online learning, telemedicine and working from home has showed the need for high speed internet. “We need it more than ever,” he said.

New installation