NEW ORLEANS — Elk Rapids alumni and Dayton graduate Adam Trautman inked his rookie contract with the New Orleans Saints Monday.

Trautman, who was selected 105th overall in the third round by the Saints, inked a 4-year contract on Monday just one day before training camp was set to begin.

Trautman, like all other 2020 draft picks, was unable to make any visits to team facilities prior to this week — which led to the signing occurring nearly two months later than normal.

The Saints traded all of their remaining draft picks in the 2020 draft to move up and select Trautman in the third round.

The rookie tight end may have a shot to play this season as the Saints had two of their tight ends, Cole Wick and Jason Vander Laan, opt-out of the season because of concerns surrounding COVID-19. That leaves four tight ends on the Saints’ roster: Jared Cook, Josh Hill, Trautman and Garrett Griffin.

Trautman caught 31 touchdowns on 171 catches for 2,295 years in his career with Dayton, setting records at the position.

NFHS holds conference to address concerns

INDIANAPOLIS — The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) held a press conference Monday to address concerns of the public regarding the return to high school sports across the country.

The NFHS is the governing body that write rules for most high school sports throughout the country and has been in close working contact with state associations such as the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

Dr. Karissa Niehoff, Executive Director at NFHS, explained the conversations they have been having with states and options for return to sports.

There is concern about the mental health and wellbeing of students without sports and the NFHS is partnering on an aerosol study to test the spread of COVID-19.

The NFHS also announced a program that will allow any high school in the country to obtain two cameras to give them the capabilities to live-stream events on school grounds. As part of a $200 million program, each school will be eligible to receive an indoor and outdoor camera to broadcast games and events like plays or band performances.

For more information, look for a story in the Record-Eagle sports section in the coming days following another announcement from the MHSAA on July 29.

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