Bitter Ends def. B.I.B.S., 11-1

Retooled def. Wild Sullys, 7-5

Rockin' the House def. Rock Whisperers, 8-4

Whiskey Rocks def. Curling Misfits, 6-5 (skip stones)

Housing Crisis def. Baby Got Tap Back, 5-3

House Crashers def. Numb Thumbs, 8-0

Rock def. Sticks and Stones, 6-3

Cheesy Curlers def. Skips and Stones, 6-1

SoFo MoFos def. Granite Asylum, 8-4

Everyone is welcome to watch curling in person any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, from 8:30 to 10:30 pm at Centre Ice.

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