Onekama’s Aada Tukianen (57) skis in a Lake Michigan Ski Conference meet Feb. 3 at Crystal Mountain.

THOMPSONVILLE — The Onekama and Benzie Central girls skiing teams were in a heated battle for the Lake Michigan Ski Conference title until the final meet at Crystal Mountain Wednesday.

The Portagers turned out their best performance in a league meet this season to edge out the Huskies for the LMSC girls conference title by an overall margin of 67 points — the teams were only separated by 15 points going into Wednesday’s meet. Benzie totaled 246 points, followed by Onekama with 313 and Glen Lake with 430.

The Benzie boys, however, were able to hold on to their otherwise commanding lead to take home the conference title with 176 total points to beat Onekama (344) and Glen Lake (523).

The final conference meet’s standings followed suit with the overall season standings and point totals were doubled for the event. The Benzie boys took first place with a combined total of 29, Onekama second with 50 and Glen Lake third with 101. The Onekama girls won the final meet with a combined score of 35, followed by Benzie’s 61 and Glen Lake’s 67.

Benzie’s Quincy Thayer also continued his dominance, earning the boys individual conference championship in both disciplines. Thayer did not lose a conference race in either discipline this season, winning all 10 races he competed in.

Onekama’s Aada Tukianen won the girls individual conference title after placing first in both the giant slalom and slalom in total points this season. Tukianen won all five giant slalom races this season and placed ahead of teammates Michayla Bell (second) and Alora Sundbeck (third) in overall conference standings.

Glen Lake’s Marhle Siddall placed fourth in the conference and Benzie’s Savannah Peck took fifth.

Onekama’s Kyler Thomas was the second overall finisher on the boys side followed by Benzie’s Seth Johnson and Kirk Beeman in third and fourth, and teammate Braydon Sorenson in fifth.

Results from final meet at Crystal Mountain

Boys slalom top-10: 1. Quincy Thayer (BC) 52.56; 2. Kylar Thomas (ONK) 54.39; 3. Seth Johnson (BC) 55.33; 4. William O’Dwyer (BC) 58.67; 5. Braydon Sorenson (ONK) 58.72; 6. Kirk Beeman (BC) 1:00.36; 7. Aiden O’Dwyer (BC) 1:03.26; 8. Luke Smith (ONK) 1:03.67; 9. Ethan Novak (BC) 1:04.88; 10. Colin Kasben (GL) 1:06.58.

Boys GS top-10: 1. Quincy Thayer (BC) 37.22; 2. Kylar Thomas (ONK) 37.66; 3. Seth Johnson (BC) 38.23; 4. Braydon Sorenson (ONK) 39.32; 5. Aiden O’Dwyer (BC) 39.47; 6. Kirk Beeman (BC) 40.30; 7. Luke Smith (ONK) 40.47; 8. Ethan Novak (BC) 40.80; 9. Dylan Weinrich (GL) 41.16; 10. Bryhn Fisher (GL) 41.32.

Girls slalom top-10: 1. Marhle Siddall (GL) 56.55; 2. Aada Tukianen (ONK) 56.66; 3. Michayla Bell (ONK) 1:00.76; 4. Alora Sundbeck (ONK) 1:02.54; 5. Ella Gaylord (BC) 1:04.54; 6. Savannah Peck (BC) 1:06.14; 7. Bridgette Duncan (GL) 1:08.26; 8. Anna Wolfe (BC) 1:09.07; 9. Tana VanPolen (ONK) 1:12.92; 10. Addy Witkowski (ONK) 1:13.06.

Girls GS top-10: 1. Aada Tukianen (ONK) 40.02; 2. Michayla Bell (ONK) 40.89; 3. Alora Sundbeck (ONK) 42.14; 4. Marhle Siddall (GL) 42.65; 5. Bridgette Duncan (GL) 42.92; 6. Savannah Peck (BC) 43.90; 7. Ella Gaylord (BC) 44.50; 8. Reeve Katt (BC) 46.65; 9. Maycee Duncan (GL) 47.11; 10. Anna Wolfe (BC) 47.23.

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