NEW YORK — Small business owners who want to manufacture their goods overseas may find it’s a daunting prospect, and a venture that has many unexpected pitfalls.

Some tips to make the process easier:

Don’t figure it all out on your own.

Talk to business owners who have gone through the process.

Resources include SCORE, the organization that gives free advice to small business owners; you can find a counselor with experience in overseas manufacturing at

Small Business Development Centers, or SBDCs, also can explain the steps. You can find SBDCs, many of which are on college campuses, at

An accountant or attorney who’s worked with companies that manufacture overseas should also be a good resource.

Get referrals for manufacturers.

When looking for a manufacturer, or a company that helps businesses find factories overseas, start by asking business people you know for referrals.

Trade and professional groups, chambers of commerce and networking groups are good resources too.

A bank that works with small businesses may also be able to help. Ask a lot of questions about what worked and what went wrong in the manufacturing process.

Be careful about payments to companies you don’t know.

Talk to a bank that handles payments to overseas manufacturers about the process.

Accountants and attorney can also be good guides through this phase of your venture.

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