Say what you will about the Tea Party — and it may prove to be as much a thorn in the side of Republicans as Democrats — the movement has helped focus attention on the deficit.

Angry advocates of "Revolution 2010" rightly are concerned about the massive debt created by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Obama-inspired spending initiatives of the past two years.

The response of the president and his Democratic allies in Congress has been along the lines of, "Why worry? We can always print more money."

But the Tea Partiers won't let us forget that this is a bill that eventually will have to be paid — perhaps not by us, but by our children or grandchildren — in the form of higher taxes or rampant inflation. Either that, or we simply can turn the keys to the country over to China, which is the largest holder of the IOUs the country has issued so that it does not have to curtail spending.

The Salem News Salem, Mass.

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