The Democratic candidates for president are working hard to convince voters that a John McCain presidency would be the equivalent of a third term for George W. Bush. McCain is making their job easier.

The Arizona senator and presumptive Republican nominee already shares the president's views on the need to stay the course in Iraq. Now, as he begins rolling out his domestic proposals, McCain seems determined to echo the president there as well. Last week, he unveiled his cure for what ails the American economy: more tax cuts.

Not only does he want to extend the tax cuts Bush and the Republican Congress enacted in 2001 (parts of which he voted against in the Senate), but he also has some new ones all his own. It's Bushonomics: The Sequel....He opposed most of the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.

He said it didn't make sense to cut taxes during a war, particularly when most of the benefits flowed to the wealthy. He was right then. He's wrong now.

-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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