No to gun control

In the American Revolutionary War, more people were killed taking the airports with muskets than with assault rifles.

Also, 100 round magazines are necessary for hunting due to the thick skin of deer and the poor eyesight of hunters over the age of 12.

Remember, even Donald Jr. prefers an elephant gun to an assault rifle. Hip-hip-hoorah for the NRA.

Jim Horrocks

Traverse City

Stop 'people baiting'

I enjoyed Mary Eliowitz’s excellent opinion on stopping bear baiting in her Aug. 3 letter titled “Stop bear baiting.” Her point is well taken, but we have a much larger problem with people “people baiting” and it won’t take me 200 words to say it, so I hope the Record-Eagle doesn’t consider this a full letter to the editor. My parents moved my brother and me here in 1958, so we are part of this exodus and have contributed to the situation that far overshadows the bear situation.

I’ll try to remember that when it takes me 10 minutes to pull out of our subdivision onto M-37, which I have renamed “Gratiot Avenue” in honor of my boyhood days growing up in Utica, Michigan. Welcome to the TC zoo, and push the petal to the metal or get run over.

William E. Scott

Traverse City

Skewed thinking

In two recent letters to the editor, we were exposed to some irrational statements that portray the sad situation we find ourselves in as a “civil” society.

One writer indicated that if you are a Republican, you are “evil.” Another wrote that if you agree with Rep. Bergman and President Trump, you are “morally corrupt and unethical.”

These people walk among us. Is there any wonder, with this “skewed” thinking by apparently a significant number of citizens, that reason and consensus is difficult?

Wes Nelson

Traverse City