A pass to Arlington?

Is it not surprising that members of Congress, who cannot find the time or competence to adequately and expeditiously fund the Department of Homeland Security, can find the time to make sure that they have easier access to burial at the Arlington National Cemetery than deserving veterans who were not members of Congress?

For an honorably discharged military person who has not been a member of Congress to be buried at Arlington, the person has to meet heavy criteria such as service-related disability or recipient of a high military medal (32 C.F.R. 553).

Members of Congress, assuming they are deceased, can be buried at Arlington as long as they honorably served in the military even if they have no military rated disability or high military medal.

Lee Hornberger

Traverse City

Re-post the job

The Board of Education of Traverse City Area Public Schools should re-post the position for superintendent of schools. They have downgraded the requirement to only a bachelor’s degree. Can you imagine how many more people can apply with that new requirement? I am sure they would have received more than 26 candidates.

Rose M. Sickle

Traverse City

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