Re: ‘10 questions’ letter

I didn’t know people who lean/prefer/vote Republican were bad. I’ve voted Republican and Democratic and still believe in our system of electing our officials to run our country — even if we sometimes don’t agree with them.

Instead of answering the questions, here’s my reply to some of them:

Question 1 and 2 (Is it okay to name call or insult) — Hillary Clinton called people “deplorable” and other dirty names

Question 4 (Is it okay to encourage hate) — Congresswoman Maxine Waters on TV said if you see a Trump supporter in public, yell and get in their face.

Question 8 (Is it okay to persecute people for their beliefs) — Joy Behar on “The View” on national television made fun of the vice president because he believes in God.

Question 10 (Is it okay to cheat on your spouse) — Two former presidents, Clinton and Kennedy, cheated on their spouses repeatedly.

None of my answers is Republican. There’s a saying that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m glad I live in a country where I can vote either party and if I don’t like the results, can campaign for the next election. That’s the American way. We have had enough negativity.

Peggy King


Democracy or totalitarianism

Americans have experienced yet another massacre of innocent victims who had the audacity to leave the safety of their locked homes. The Republican president — and the Republican “leaders” who fear, normalize and support the president — are framing a bogus but effective message to young white men, that they are being “disempowered” by minorities. Combine that with very few effective, commonsense gun laws and we have a recipe for the shooting disasters that occur repeatedly throughout our country. (254 so far in 2019)

The president, with his dangerous, divisive rhetoric, the ineffectual Republican Party and the NRA have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands, but then don’t those voters who put them and keep them in public office also bear responsibility?

This is not the America our forefathers envisioned nor that of thinking, caring voters. Due to greed, corruption, white supremacy and willful ignorance our country is in peril. The 2020 elections will determine whether citizens choose to strengthen democracy, insist on sane gun laws, maintain Social Security and Medicare, require fair elections, promote economic/social equality, address the of dire effects of climate change … OR continue on our march toward totalitarianism and the destruction of the human habitat.

Donna Miller

Traverse City

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