Pedestrian safety

I hate to question the “experts,” but instead of installing pedestrian operated traffic lights downtown, has anyone mentioned or discussed the pedestrian bridge at the State Park? It seems both logical and common sense to totally keep pedestrian and vehicular traffic separated instead of allowing a bunch of drunken tourists the ability to cause the total shutdown of traffic on the parkway (it will happen.) Note: tourists want the ability to cross the parkway, but are too lazy to walk to the tunnel.

John McCombs

Traverse City

Citizen participation

The Grand Traverse Board of Commissioners recently changed the time of their meetings to Wednesdays at 8 a.m., when most people in the Grand Traverse area are unable to attend. People with full-time jobs cannot take time off. And, seniors like myself, find it hazardous to make our way to the meeting in the dark, in bad weather, in the middle of rush hour.

I can’t help but feel this change was made to limit the meeting attendance and therefore, limiting the number of people from the community who are aware of what is being discussed. Anything that involves people of the Grand Traverse area should be put up for public debate allowing as many people as possible to be involved. A complete agenda should be made public enough in advance that comments can be offered before any decision is made. And no last-minute agenda items should be decided upon until the next meeting.

Why are our local officials making it more difficult for citizens to take part in their government?

Keli MacIntosh

Traverse City