Will the real Trump step up?

Who is this president, who on the one hand reads a prepared address, prepared by staff, which contains the correct sentiments when a mass shooting occurs — and on the other hand when speaking his true sentiments to his base, aids and stimulates their nationalistic desires when referring to young white reactionaries.

But don't blame President Trump. He is a genius doing just what he said he would do. It also goes back to the early times of his claim that President Obama was not an American — the birther movement, for example. Add in his belittlement of his fellow Republicans during the debates.

I recall the history of Trump's younger days as being a disciple of the infamous Roy Cohen. (Circa 1980s). We older folks will recall the McCarthy Communist hearings when Cohen was a prosecutor. His style was lying, speaking in circles, fast and loud. Distract, cheat, threaten and change the subject. Blame the victim as well.

Donald Trump bought it — used it in business and won an election. He will not tolerate being called a loser.

Don't expect him to "own" any blame about the shootings. The dye has been cast. Something to think about.

Thomas E. Hagan



There have been more mass shootings than days in 2019. Sunday, Aug. 4, was day 216 of the year — and by that day there had been 256 mass shootings. There is some argument about how many slaughtered constitute a mass shooting. Some say three, some say four.

I would like to remind you that each person slaughtered had a heartbeat, as do the families and friends who mourn them.

Each slaughtered person had a right to life and to the freedom of attending a festival, concert, school, worship with their community, go shopping in a mall or go to work.

In a free America, they all had the right to do all of those things and to live fully into their dreams.

Now they don’t.

Mary Robling


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