Cartoon choice

Which cartoon do we need more? A cartoon depicting refugees from far-off countries illegally entering our southern border with money in their pockets, and their hands held out for more money, would make a more enlightening picture of our current times than the cartoon of Sarah Sanders on June 15. Are you aware that someone is giving transportation and money to people in far-off countries to immigrate to our country and told our government will support them once they arrive here? They have papers warning them in their own language not to say how they got here, who gave them the money and who told them that ICE officers are their enemies. There is no way to check if these people carry Ebola, typhoid or other diseases because they won’t say where they came from. These diseases are a threat to all of us!

Wake up, people. Someone with lots of money is out to ruin our country by opposing border walls; this is far more serious than Sarah Sanders leaving the White House! Going back to Arkansas is better than traveling all around the world and to college graduations crying because she is out of a job!

Mary Skarnulis

Rapid City

Party platform

Michael Barone suggests that between Anywheres and Somewheres, the survival of the Republican Party depends on its support of Donald Trump. He also wonders whether the “far out” positions of Democratic candidates will harm their party. I disagree.

His facile description of the Democratic candidate’s positions comes straight out of the Tea Party/Fox playbook, and does not go to the serious substance of the evolving party platform. As for the Republicans, how long will they support a president whose administration is mired in criminality, nepotism, incompetence and scandal?

Sam Bender

Traverse City

Don’t cut IA budget

The White House has made it clear that it wants to substantially cut funds for international affairs and programs that improve the lives of millions of impoverished individuals nationally and internationally. Consequently, I would love to use this platform to educate local civilians and call attention to a bill that I believe should be represented in the White House.

The International Affairs Budget supports critical development and diplomacy programs around the world — all while using less than 1 percent of the federal budget. The International Affairs Budget is an investment that provides emergency response after natural disasters, implements agriculture programs to promote stability and prevent hunger in impoverished areas and much more. Fiscally, the International Affairs Budget creates U.S. jobs by creating more consumers and opening new markets to American businesses.

All in all, the United States is an empathetic and prosperous nation that I am proud to call home. But, as previously highlighted, there is always more we can do to help the world’s impoverished.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Michigan Sen. Gary Peters for cosponsoring the Global Fragility Act.

Seth Cunningham

Fife Lake

No to tunnel

I am distraught and furious. Just as significant numbers of energy providers are moving toward green, non-polluting power sources, the Enbridge Corporation is going back to turn-of-the-century methods.

I am speaking, of course, of the planned “rehab” of Line 5 pipeline running under the Straits of Mackinac.

These clumsy and threatening mechanics come just as the world is waking up to the preciousness of fresh water.

There is no way rescue efforts to an “accident” in this pipeline can restore the virgin quality of the Great Lakes. I refer to the “accident” in the Kalamazoo River recently, pollutants of which are still in the ground. Of course Enbridge Corporation made all kinds of promises for safety in that case, as well.

Our new attorney general is working to stem the tide of this potential disaster, but it will take an outpouring of citizens crying “foul” to add weight to the seriousness of Line 5 tableau.

I beg all readers to write the state, the parks and their legislators to stop this disaster.

Shirley Wall

Traverse City

Stop oil dependence

I have heard arguments about Great Lakes pollution with regard to maintaining pipeline 5 across the Straits of Mackinac, but I have not heard any about the absolute necessity of cutting off the oil flow forever. Escalating climate change demands we keep fossil fuels in the ground — science tells us so. Piping dirty Canadian oil to refineries in the southern United States only prolongs our dependence on petroleum. It is time to stop pumping, piping and processing this dangerous product. The welfare of the planet demands it.

Richard Fidler

Traverse City