Heart attack care

Accolades to Peninsula Township’s Advanced Life Support (ALS), Grand Traverse County’s 911 and Munson Medical Center for emergency services our dad (Gordon Hayward) received during his heart attack Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019.

Seamless continuity of care — from dad’s 911 call through cardiac catheterization and stenting — likely saved his life. Decision points/action choices can make life and death differences.

Everyone took exceptional action: Dad decided to call 911.

Paul Lipke and Bethany Wyman (Peninsula Paramedics)/Grant Blackmer and Mike Bryan (EMTs) implemented the STEMI protocol; Peninsula Township’s recently upgraded ambulance and ALS services allowed dad’s cardiac care to start enroute. Cardiologist Dr. Steve Mast and the Cath Lab were waiting when the ambulance arrived.

Forty-five minutes after calling 911, dad’s coronary artery blockage was stented.

Dr. Kevin Clayton and the A3 team provided 24/7 attentive care.

Dad was home in three days. His prognosis feels miraculous, thanks to life-saving cooperative Peninsula Township, GT County and Munson programs.

Simple words of appreciation are not enough but to everyone at Grand Traverse County’s ‘911’ program, Peninsula Township EMT/Fire Department and Munson Medical Center Cardiology, we are grateful for your multi-system coordinated public private partnership. Profoundly wholeheartedly thankful.

Dr. C. Paul and Sheryl (Hayward) Williams

Traverse City