System invites corruption

Larry Inman is the “poster child” for our current system of campaign finance. He’s probably not a bad guy. He just got caught doing what he thought he had to do to finance his campaigns. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more like him that we don’t know about.

This kind of thing happens when politicians have to spend an absurd amount of time raising an absurd amount of money. The current system invites corruption. Congress has passed campaign reform legislation, but the Supreme Court has decided that paid political speech is “free” speech. It’s not free, and since Citizens United, there has been a flood of “dark money” into our politics. Votes are bought and sold and lobbyists are writing our laws.

The only way out of this is to amend the constitution to limit the corrupting influence of big money. The American Promise is a nationwide effort to pass the 28th Amendment, and it has broad bipartisan support. Please Google “American Promise” and inform yourself. Since Larry Inman has become the “poster child” for money in politics, perhaps he could restore his good name by actively and publicly advocating for this badly needed reform.

Bill Hyslop

Traverse City

Clean-up costs

Billions to clean up old toxic waste sites. I wonder how much it will cost our children to clean up the toxic mess Trump and his cronies are leavening? Trillions probably.

Don Dierkes