Veterans work in solar power

The solar and wind industries are providing jobs for veterans. As a U.S. Navy veteran, I use skills learned in the military to perform my job in this important and emerging industry. We employ three veterans and always are looking to hire more.

I’m not alone. More than 300 veterans currently work in solar energy in Michigan. Michigan has more than 113 megawatts of installed solar power. Across the country, more than 11,000 veterans are actively working in the wind industry. I’m proud to be part of an industry that supports those who continue to serve our country.

Traverse City Light & Power and other area utilities are focused on renewable energy as global companies including Facebook, Amazon and GM demand greater access to clean energy. This focus is reaching into all of our homes and businesses, creating a strong interest in this industry for both residential and commercial.

Transitioning to wind and solar energy will increase the need for skilled workers in construction, manufacturing and installation of renewable energy projects. Veterans are well-equipped to fill these jobs and help meet the need for skilled workers in this growing sector of the economy. I applaud our local businesses for supporting veterans.

Tyson O’Shea

Vice president of operations at CBS Solar


Lame duck pipeline

Michiganders have just elected Gretchen Whitmer. Like them, she believes Canadian-owned Line 5 is too risky for the Great Lakes and Michigan’s economy and that it must be immediately removed.

Ignoring Michiganders’ clear mandate, Gov. Snyder and the GOP legislature are attempting to prevent the shutdown of Line 5 by pushing Senate Bill 1197 into law during the current lame duck session.

This bill changes the charter of the Michigan Bridge Authority despite outcries from many past and current MBA leaders. The MBA would now work in Enbridge’s interest to build a tunnel at the bottom of the Straits at a cost of $45 million.

The 65-year-old Line 5 pipelines would remain on the floor of the Mackinac Straits pumping oil through Michigan and back to Canada for at least another decade.

Enbridge profits would continue to flow while Michiganders and the Great Lakes not only remain threatened, but gain nothing but debt.

What motivates Gov. Snyder and legislators to ram through SB1197? Why risk irrevocable harm to the state and the people they were elected to represent?

Call your senator, representative and Gov. Snyder today. SB1197 is NOT in Pure Michigan’s best interest.

Brenda Rusch

Traverse City