Floundering party

What happened to the Republican Party? Remember Dwight Eisenhower’s words on leadership: “The supreme quality of leadership is integrity and requires taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving subordinates credit for all success.” That famous statement is now the opposite of today’s Republican platform. Today it is the wealthiest need another tax break and the poor and middle class should pay.

The Republican Party and most of its politicians are bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. They are devoted to convincing people to blame the poor for our economic problems. Trump and his cult have no compassion, empathy, loyalty, conscience manners, respect, character, honor, morality, integrity.

Trump is the worst kind of Socialist; his policies coddle fellow oligarchs while leaving ordinary people at the mercy of the free market. He hypocritically ignores that he and his cult are the nation’s purveyors of corporate socialism which uses government power and taxpayer money to promote his hand-picked Socialist agenda.

Sad that his mindset and conduct seems moronic, smothered in imbecile sauce. It takes a real absence of intelligence to profess that our military took over the airports during the Revolutionary War. The Trump Republican party stoops in shame.

Rich Willing


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