Clinging to public office

Instead of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” for too many people in the Congress — especially Republicans — a more accurate title would be “Mr. Grift Goes to Washington.” Let’s examine why they dread giving up this ego surfboard and the financial dividends of being a representative or a senator.

The salary isn’t so much by American standards. Some of them have much bigger, undeclared rewards in mind, such as trading on inside information, lucrative lobbying jobs afterwards, “think tank” easy chairs, board room perks, travel/recreation junkets and high-paid jobs after they have provided favored treatment for their well-groomed, pet industrial interests.

Mr. Smith wasn’t afraid of losing his job because someone threatened to kill his cash cow. Like Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash, he wouldn’t have withered because a narcissistic president might try to put the fear of being ‘primaried’ into him for calling him out as a criminal.

Mr. Smith wanted to serve to improve the lives of his fellow citizens. Corny? Old fashioned? Naive? Right now, the average person doesn’t seem to be winning, but that’s what elections are about, if we pay better attention and vote accordingly.

Phillip Robinson


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