Parking woes

The city recently changed the parking at Clinch Marina, to the detriment of the public trying to use the water park and Bijou Theater. It seems that half of the parking is reserved for those who have boats in the marina. They most likely got there via the water, not by automotive vehicles. Why should each boat user have two parking spaces reserved when they are taking spaces in the water? The city went to great expense and planning when they took out the historic little passenger train, which was always busy during the summer, to make a "water park" for families with small children to enjoy. Every time I have been to Clinch Marina this summer it has been very difficult to find parking and the reserved Marina spaces stand mostly empty. Even TC Mayor Jim Carruthers stated that 90 percent of people come to TC by car ... Where do we put all these cars?

Mary Miller


An ode to my GOP friends

We have a President Trump who lies everyday and has all of his grown days. When not doing the lying, he is talking to his friends in Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Israel about what a great group they are.

Our President and his cabinet have ground dirt into the Constitution, paid off women who had sex with the president and attacked at least 20 women and called them liars.

The Republicans have given away all the money we needed to rebuild our infrastructure and schools and military, and ignored the doom that is approaching with the climate.

While these politicians are lying to us, we are headed to become a Third World country. We take great care of the rich and keep building the ranks of the poor.

It’s time to quit lying to the children about their future. Vote using your brain, not your greed.

Paul Baribeau