May I suggest Democrats take a legal pad and draw a vertical line down the center? On the left side, list your party’s accomplishments the last 2½ years. On the right side, list President Trump’s accomplishments (use an extra sheet if you need it).

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

Even a baby will stop whining in time. My second suggestion is to stop whining and do the job you’re paid to do.

Take a quote from former President Obama “You lost, we won; get over it.”

Carole Campbell

Elk Rapids

Syringe Service Program

The majority of Grand Traverse County commissioners failed a public safety duty to protect American citizens from a dangerous disease. They stopped our health department from receiving grant funds to continue a Syringe Service Program (SSPs).

A leading cause of hepatitis C, an infection causing serious health problems or death, is exposure to a syringe needle previously used by a hepatitis C carrier. Risk of exposure is not limited to drug users. First responders and health care professionals are also at risk.

The Center for Disease Control reports needle stick injuries are among the most stressful events experienced by police officers.

Our drug epidemic heightens the risk of hepatitis C for everyone. The Michigan Department of Public Health reports a 1,300-percent increase in chronic hepatitis C cases during the last decade among people under 40 years old.

I urge the commissioners to heed nearly 30 years of research documenting that SSPs are safe, effective and cost saving. They do not increase illegal drug use or crime.

SSPs play an important role in reducing transmission of viral hepatitis. We owe it to our heroes, first responders and health care workers to keep them safe. Let them know we’ve got their back!

Michael Earl

Traverse City

‘Pay-it-forward’ gift

I would like to say thank you to a local businessman for paying it forward for my total auto repair bill.

On April 11, I was in the right place at the right time to receive a life-changing experience of a “gift” from a total stranger. He was standing next to me at a local auto repair shop when I received my repair bill. I said “Oh my God.” Then I said “add it to my bill.”

I asked if someone could check my brakes, we went for a short ride and the brakes were fine. I returned to the counter. The manager told me that my bill had been paid in full by the man standing next to me. I hugged him with grateful tears in my eyes. He said “pay it forward.” I said “I will.”

Thank you again for giving me the “paying it forward” experience and the gift of giving and receiving. (Also, thank you to the auto shop that allows me to make payments.)

Joanne Irwin

Traverse City

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