Response to July 25 letter

I was shocked to read the letter by Don Dierkes, of Interlochen, printed in this paper July 25. This shows the impact of the hate and hysteria driven by the democrat/progressive party since the election of President Trump. The writer’s condemnation to eternal life in hell for those who do not agree with him is a shameful thing to wish upon anyone. I can understand that not all voters are happy with the election results in 2016, but this is now 2019. Learn to forgive, accept and accommodate reality!

The continued response by the democrat/progressive party has been to first charge the president falsely, leading the Mueller Report, and now with that providing unsuccessful press for impeachment on similar false charges. They will find out at election time 2020 that the American people are too smart to fall for the lines of a “deceitful and do nothing party”! Additionally, to others who also support a position similar to Mr. Dierkes and continue to write letters shamefully directed at the president, know that your words will have no impact. It is the leadership provided by President Trump that wins the day, not hate and untruthful claims.

David Baldwin

Glen Arbor

Dividing ourselves

Let’s start with President Trump telling people to get out of the country. The news media, lap dogs of the democrats, didn’t tell the whole story — as usual, only bits and pieces of half truths. I agree with him. We are dividing ourselves. We have become Irish, Polish, British and African-Americans. You are putting America last. You like being something other than American, then get out of my country. I am an American, as is my family back five generations, and I refuse to be anything else.

I would like to thank the democrats for their $1.13 raise in my Social Security. I understand that their proposal for a $4,500 a month raise in their pay should take precedence. Of course, the extra we seniors paid for medical above what our insurance paid. This is a boost from the democrats at helping us seniors away from obesity because we have to cut back on food to pay medical, but of course the illegal people get free housing, food and medical because we paid into Medicare all our live so it can be given to others who have never paid a cent. Thank you, democrats for destroying my country financially.

William Deniston