Elementary solution

After recent shootings, the response was consistent and predictive:

  • Ban guns
  • Incorrectly label the hunting rifle an “assault rifle” to scare the uninformed public
  • Demand more mental health funding to prevent teen and adult shooters
  • Improve background checks, though any citizen with a clean record may purchase a gun and give it to others
  • Incorrectly label the shooting a “hate crime” rather than murder
  • Blame Trump

Never after past shootings has an “expert” considered that sound mental health starts in elementary schools. Well-prepared elementary school counselors act as a firewall against future violent behaviors. These licensed professionals facilitate a formative assessment on the child’s frontal brain lobe, which entails speech, morality, attention, logic, emotion and empathy.

The functions indicate how children solve problems and make decisions. Counselors provide guidance 180-plus days a year. This can regulate the child’s moral compass to sidestep negative behaviors when making choices. Anger management and self-defeating behaviors require professional guidance.

Funding will increase for mental health, but not elementary school counseling. Well-prepared elementary counselors are seldom found today. A report in the Record-Eagle indicated Michigan ranked 49th in the nation for school counseling services.

When will we stop attempting to steal first base?

Hugo Kanitz

Traverse City

Gun proliferation

Wake up, Congress! Wake up, Mr. President! Wake up, America!

The UK only has five guns per 100,000 people while France and Germany have 19 and the U.S. has 120. Guess how many gun deaths per 100,000. The UK has .2, Germany .9, France 2.8 and the U.S. 12. What’s the difference? It is gun restrictions. Mentally ill and practically anyone who wants a gun can get one in the U.S.

What price are gun advocates willing to pay to reduce the gun death rate down from the ridiculous number of 40,000 annually? The process of controlling the gun population will take a long time and will require sacrifice. We need to pass some laws and enforce them.

Is it too big of a sacrifice to limit gun ownership to sensible recreational use guns and have certified engraved serial numbers traceable to a required permit along with laws that limit possession and use to the permitted certified holders? Such limitations along with laws that are enforced will eventually save thousands of lives of men, women and children.

Wayne Lobdell

Traverse City