Thanks, TC!

I am an exchange student from Ecuador. I have been living in Traverse City for the past school year, attending Traverse City Central High School. This experience has changed my vision of the world and is currently changing my life. During this time I have been part of a community of friendly and invested people, acquired knowledge and visited exceptional places. As my visit is over, for now, I would like to thank everyone who has made my experience magnificent.

Thanks, Traverse City Central High School for high-quality education. Thanks, TCCH Ski Team and VASA Ski Club for making my dream of learning to ski possible, especially to coaches John Kostrzewa and Ruth Oppliger. Thanks, Norte for letting me join the team, race and become a better cyclist — especially to Ty Schmidt, staff and coaches Nate Farran and Cody Sovis. Thanks, Central United Methodist Church for the enthusiastic welcome and for being an extended family. Thanks, TART Trails for providing great places to ride, especially to Madison Meter and Kate Lewis. Finally, huge thanks to the Yeatts family and friends for being the best hosts!

Samantha Maldonado

Traverse City