Tunnel spin

Last week, Enbridge Energy, the Canadian energy conglomerate, spent serious money on full-page newspaper ads throughout Michigan. Titled “Line 5 Project,” the ad includes an illustration of their proposed Mackinac Straits tunnel. I invite everyone to take a close look at the illustration and the wording of this clearly deceptive ad. As you will see, the picture depicts a person in the tunnel to show its dramatic size. Scale the picture and you will see that the “person” is about 3½ feet tall. The ad wording includes the statement “Proudly delivering energy in Michigan” rather than “...delivering energy to Michigan.” We certainly know that Enbridge is in Michigan, just ask the folks in Calhoun County victimized by the largest inland oil spill ever. Please look and listen closely when Enbridge starts their spin.

Thomas O’Rourke

Traverse City

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