I find it somewhat unusual that a reader would invite a comparison of this administration’s accomplishments.

If this person is referring to lifting regulations that again allows the fouling of our nation’s air and water supplies, repealing regulations that again allow our Big Banks to dictate their own rules, passes tax cuts that gives 93 percent of the savings to 2 percent of the citizens, institutes tariffs that decimate our farmers and tax our citizens, institutes policies that causes chaos on our southern border, refuses to insure the safety of our students and has reduced our reputation and leadership position to other nations throughout the world (with the exception of Russia, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia), then I would concur with her!

In addition, perhaps she failed to acknowledge the more than 100 House-passed bills and pieces of legislation that remain locked on Mitch McConnell’s desk.

An informed and “commonsense” comparison is invited and may well help educate many of your readers.

Randall Barberis

Traverse City


Our governor and majority of state legislators have let our citizens down.

The auto insurance reform illustrates the classic idiom of penny wise, pound foolish.

Prior to this change, Michigan stood as the most sensible and humane state, assuring lifetime coverage and care for brain and catastrophic injuries resulting from auto accidents.

The $220 yearly fee each of us paid ensured victims and their families reasonable care and dignity. Now if the dreaded occurs, personal and family resources will be quickly drained, replaced by Medicare and Medicaid not comparable or suitable for the injured.

The victims of this will be the unlucky, non-wealthy residents of our state. There are currently 16-18,000 people being cared for in a humane manner with another 800 or so added every year — heaven forbid.

Our governor and legislators did not allow the victims and their caregivers an opportunity to present the human face to this dilemma. Instead the insurance companies and our compassion-limited politicians will take a bow.

Each one should be required to tour facilities caring for our catastrophically injured. We deserve better.

Bradley Price