Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2019 was different.

No presidential visit to Arlington.

No wreaths.

The Unknown Soldier was forgotten.

A trip to Japan and a round of golf in search of praise from sycophants who offer it through clinched teeth.

Instead, a meaningless tweet prepared by staffers for a commander in chief unworthy of the title while aircraft carriers head to Iran with body bags aboard.

A president with bone spurs he can’t remember.

A country that won’t forget.

November 2020 is fast approaching.

Make America great again.

John Sullivan

Traverse City

What’s he hiding?

He won’t release his tax returns. What’s he hiding?

He won’t let current or former employees testify before Congress. What’s he hiding?

He or his attorney general won’t release the non-redacted Mueller report. What’s he hiding?

Must be something bad in there or he wouldn’t be working so hard to hide it.

Robert Long

Peninsula Township

Presumed innocent

I hope the irony of Larry Inman’s arraignment isn’t lost on northern Michigan. I’ve known Larry since I was an elected official in my town, and I observed his work to represent his district. Many times he was the only person I could talk to about the challenges of representing the diverse citizenry in this part of Michigan.

When I read the text messages he supposedly sent, three things seemed clear:

1. If they’re true and accurate, he tried to help working men and women, represented by their union, to maintain a living wage in our state.

2. If they’re true and accurate, at least 11 state representatives should be worried about indictment on similar charges.

3. Michigan Republican Party probably doesn’t want members who would do number 1.

I cannot understand how wrongdoing in the party Trump leads is out of character. It’s easier to believe one member was singled out for potentially not toeing the party line than to believe he tried to sell his vote. Remember that one of the freedoms our fathers fought for was the presumption of innocence: no citizen is above the law and none should be denied justice, no matter the circumstance.

John Matthews

Elk Rapids

Calling all airborne

All airborne jump-qualified veterans from the 82nd, 101st, 11th, 13th and 17th airborne divisions, special forces, rangers, 187th regiment and 173rd brigade (ABN) and other military jump-qualified from any services are invited to an organizational/ informational meeting for the purpose of forming a Michigan chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association.

The meeting is from 6-7 p.m. June 6 at the American Military League, 2423 Sybrandt Road in Traverse City.

Further information is available by calling 231-633-0782 (no text).

Stuart Whittaker

82nd veteran

Suttons Bay

Reelect Lautner

Melinda Lautner has much to offer Cherryland Electric Cooperative as an incumbent for director. She earned the NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate. A member since 1938, she served the Leelanau County Planning Commission. She explores useful ways to provide affordable electricity.

She volunteers in community organizations. A lifelong hard worker, she operates seasonal farm markets and assists her husband on their cherry farm. Being self employed allows her to personally meet members’ needs. She is proud that the co-op has reached 62-percent carbon free energy level. She brings years of quality experience to the board.

Vote for Melinda Lautner!

Mildred Komrska


Vote Philpott

Driving through this beautiful county we call home, one can’t help to observe a few things. The lack of oil/gas wells polluting our waters and fouling our landscape is certainly a plus — all Michigan counties should be so blessed.

Also of note is the increasing use of solar panels and small windmills. If one looks, they will see steps being taken by forward-thinking homeowners and businesses embracing renewable energy technologies — even as our local utility companies discourage their incentive to do so.

Sustainable clean energy solutions are within our reach. Vote for Nicola Philpott for Cherryland Electric Board of Directors — at large.

John Hunter

Traverse City

Adopt a tree

Margaret Wheatley said “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

We care about family and friends, but what about the necessities of life that sustain us and future generations? What about our environment that is critical for life? Trees provide shelter, food and clean air. Trees are a big part of mitigating the climate crisis. After oceans, trees are the biggest absorbers of CO2 and other pollutants both in the air and in the ground.

After witnessing the savage assault on the old growth trees at 1223 Peninsula Drive, the need for a tree ordinance in Traverse City has never been more urgent. The Ad Hoc Tree Committee has been tasked to develop an ordinance by July 1, and that is none too soon to prevent such denuding of our neighborhoods.

This ordinance needs to include immediate protection for our largest trees and the hiring of a specialist whose sole responsibility is the care for our urban forest. This would include the selection, planting, soil knowledge, mitigation of diseases when possible and informing the public of the value and care needed. This is one of the requirements for us to remain a designated “Tree City.”

Ann Rogers

Traverse City

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