MSU coach salary

This is an extension of my letter published on May 5 in the Record-Eagle. In it I criticized the MSU Board of Trustees for awarding Tom Izzo, head basketball coach, an annual salary of $4 million plus perks, which is higher than that of all the other professors and that of the presidents of not only MSU but also of the U.S.

A good example of this unjustified disparaging action is that Mr. Izzo’s salary is higher than that of the entire MSU staff conducting lab and field research work to help increase the yield of the major field crops — corn, wheat and soybeans — to keep up with the needs of an increasing population in this country and world.

Don Bondarenko


Apology to the world

I never thought I would apologize for my country, but after hearing the latest chants at a political rally, I am ashamed of the U.S. When did we become a country of bigotry and hatred? When did we allow our leader to discredit other countries, other religions, other ethnicities? I asked Rep. Bergman to denounce the racist comments of our president. He did not, but went on to support the president.

My apologies to my friends who pick the fruit and vegetables that I eat every day, to the vendors at farmer’s markets, the restaurant workers and owners, the entrepreneurs of many businesses in my community.

My apologies to my grandchildren from Myanmar, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, Haiti, Guatemala and the Congo. I know what your lives would have been in your country of origin, and we are so glad you are safely here. My apologies to my friends from Mexico, Burundi, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Romania. You are welcome here and I still have faith that our next election will prove who we really are and that the Statue of Liberty will once again stand proud and strong.

Lou Ann McKimmy

Rapid City