Parade in June

Thanks to John Alford for his letter publicizing TC’s Visibility March. It’ll be on Saturday, June 22. I encourage everybody to participate.

Really, I take issue with everything Alford said. He criticized AG Nessel for reminding everybody that she’s gay, for being in a Saturday parade when she should be working in Lansing, for “perpetuating the in-your-face display” of her sexuality and for disgracing her office by “prancing around like a silly person celebrating who she sleeps with.”

While I don’t presume to speak for gays, it’s clear that being an out gay is far from celebrating who one sleeps with. It’s a statement of an essence, of who you are at the very core of your being. It’s the acceptance of an identity that is rejected by much of our society.

Alford excuses his criticisms by saying “We don’t care.” If only that were true. Too often gays, and people all along the LBGTQ rainbow, are discriminated against on playgrounds, in employment, in churches and in their own homes.

Mr. Alford, if you really don’t care, if you really are not biased, then join the parade and help change the opinions of those who are biased against gays.

John DeSpelder

Traverse City

East Bay message

Don’t be intimidated by the puffers and yellers who don’t want regulation. A lot of people have already used or abused the regulations and probably have been skirting rules for a long time with looking the other way with complaints or using the income as a cash cow by not reporting income, etc.

The people who suffer are those trying to comply and property owners in single-family zoned areas who need to put up with a pop-up resort filled with short-term renters instead of permanent tenants. A definite violation of zoning laws, but without oversight. Who will step up and protest? If you do it right, OK. If not, we protest. Hang in there, East Bay. Do it right.

Thomas L. Vert

Traverse City