Where’s conscience?

For two years, I have struggled to comprehend the crushing Department of Defense statistic that reports 22 veterans committing suicide every day. It is a tragic national issue, not just a veteran issue.

Here is an idea to make the law of the land. I call it the “Re-Boot Camp”: a transition zone for vets and their families to ease them back into society after their military commitment.

“Re-Boot Camps” could be located at the same boot camp facilities used to train recruits. They would be expanded to offer veterans and families on-site housing, counseling, job training, health care, child care, financial assistance, camaraderie and a chance to be involved with the training of new soldiers.

The objective is to prepare veterans for return to society with the same amount of intensity provided in preparing them for military service.

There will be a cost, but Congress and Mr. President, I don’t want to hear that excuse. We always, always find money to send soldiers to war. We can find money to bring them home and adjust. What is the worth of 22 soldiers’ lives every day? Where is our national conscience?

Jeff Kessler

Traverse City

Has destroyed the system

Let’s see if I have this right. According to an Associated Press article in the March 3 Record-Eagle (page 6A), a woman in Georgia is on death row for planning her husband’s demise. The actual killer (her boyfriend) is in prison on a life sentence with the possibility of parole in eight years.

Does anyone else see how this plea bargaining has destroyed the justice system?

Ed Ludwiczak

Traverse City

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