Independent candidate

My name is Christopher Wright and I am running as an Independent candidate for the 1st Congressional District in Michigan for the November 2020 election.

I want to be your representative in Congress and learn how you want your taxes allocated. With your support, I will work and contribute to change the direction of discourse and deliberation in Congress.

The federal government will borrow a record trillion dollars for 2020. At a time when the United States economy is relatively strong when measured by conventional indicators, something is amiss that the United States government is incurring record levels of debt.

Over the next four months, I am preparing my campaign. The 1st Congressional District includes 33 counties. It includes all of the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan. In January, I begin traveling the district to collect 6,000 signatures to place my name on the November 2020 ballot.

I want to learn your concerns for the current state of politics and the federal budget. If you share my concern about the state of politics and divisive political leadership, email me at to introduce yourself.

Christopher Wright


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