Keep beaches open

Dear Leland Township Board: I read with concern the article about your decision to close North and South beaches in Leland. This is the perfect example of “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

Surely, we can come up with a win-win compromise rather than the win (beachfront homeowners) lose (everybody who loves to visit Leland for the beaches) that your decision has created. It’s better for everyone if you put up better signs, and perhaps some barriers, to mark the 60-foot wide public beaches rather than closing them. It would require less enforcement to manage that space compared with trying to keep people off the entire beach! (It is easier to see who is “spilling over” from the 60-foot access than it is to suspect everyone up and down the entire beach who may be a property owner or just a beach walker.) It’s physically impossible for beachgoers to park and play at Van’s Beach. The overly-crowded beachgoers will be unhappy and so will the people who had to give up because there was zero space for them.

Let’s take a step back and think outside the box for a win-win solution. Don’t turn Leland into an unfriendly, you-are-not-welcome-here town.

Maude Babington