Secret Service

I read with interest the Secret Service's observation that most individuals who complete mass attacks often make threats before the incident (July 10). This isn’t new knowledge. I studied homicide while a graduate student in college. Research from the 1960s and 1970s showed that individuals who committed homicide, excluding those that occurred during the commission of a separate crime, often made homicidal threats prior to committing murder. The rate was similar to those who threatened suicide and subsequently committed the act. Homicidal individuals were often socially isolated and attacked in a response to things they perceived threatened their already-limited social network or further damaged their poor self esteem. Other warning signs included a history of domestic violence.

The Secret Service findings should be shared with police, school agencies and family courts and mental health agencies so they can act in concert with the educators and police departments. Protocols can and must be developed so an individual can be brought before a judge to determine if they are a threat to the general community and how to best address the person's issues. Publicly funded mental health agencies and universities should take the lead in this field, not law enforcement.

Jim Ribby

Rapid City

Re: ‘Case not closed’

The author of the letter on July 17 has great insight into the domestic abuse problem and presents it in clear, concise language. Every woman should read the article carefully and understand it.

Women are often the most critical of other women in an abusive situation. Their attitude is usually “Why don’t you just leave?” No way! As the author of the letter says, “Case closed?” No!

Pat Miller

Traverse City

Bardon’s Wonder Freeze

In 1985, my wife, two sons and I visited Traverse City for a week's vacation, and this past month marked our 35th year doing so. The very first place we visited in 1985 was Bardon's Wonder Freeze at the intersection of Garfield and East Front streets. We would stop in three or four times each week and my wife and I have continued the tradition. Over the years we have enjoyed watching families and ball teams line up in anticipation of various ice cream delights. We have also recently gotten to know Jim Kratky and we love listening to him relate the 70-year history of this beloved Traverse City icon.

Needless to say, we were greatly upset to see the steps Rite Aid has taken to limit access to Bardon's with the apparent objective of closing down the establishment and acquiring more property — which is certainly not in keeping with the community spirit we have observed over the years. Surely the Traverse City government and appropriate agencies will not allow corporate greed to prevail over locally-owned businesses such as Bardon's, which has served the community well for seven decades.

Stephen C. Todd

Noblesville, Indiana

Bergman shouldn’t support Trump

I am dumbfounded that Jack Bergman remains a Republican supporting Trump. Trump is corrupt and does not demonstrate concern for anyone but himself and his own bottom line. He is failing to preserve our representative democracy and is undermining the two other branches of government. He is relinquishing alliances, making the world a less safe place to live, obliterating facts and denying science to the detriment of the continuation of life on this planet, and he is mean-spirited and unable to recognize that everyone in this world deserves a good and safe life. The fact that Bergman continues to support him makes him equally morally corrupt and unethical.

Jeremy Connolly