Help the children

Of course our country needs to enact new and meaningful immigrant legislation. That is “down the road,” as they say, and has been for years. Right now, thousands of children have been separated from their families in the cruel and harmful tactics being used by our government toward immigrants and refugees at our borders. All this in the name of deterrence. Recently, as our president visited El Paso and Dayton, cities where mass shootings took place, a huge raid by ICE was underway — again separating children from their parents.

I think we can all agree, or at least I would like to think we can, that children deserve better than this. They are harmed by being suddenly and violently separated from their parents. At the border, they have been kept in inhumane conditions, without information about their families, often without legal representation and with no provision for emotional support, school or play. Let us each petition our Congressional Representatives, our president and whomever else we can enlist to help these children to be treated differently and to be reunited with family.

Betsy Davidson

Grace Chapter of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship

Traverse City

We need the arts

Mr. Lewis's "unbidden" column (Aug. 11, 2019) juxtaposed the passion of Bach's music with the violence of recent mass shootings and did indeed "say something." What was pointed out to me was the absolute necessity of the arts in our lives as we struggle to make sense of today's world. When all else defies reasonable explanations, art, music, dance, theater and literature help us define what we believe, bring some order out of chaos and allow individuals constructive self-expression. While we struggle to find ways to make our environment physically safer, let us simultaneously channel our efforts, and our money, into promoting the arts in our schools and communities.

Now more than ever we need to show young people, as well as each other, that communication and self-expression done with paint brushes; musical instruments; bodies that can dance, sing and write; hearts and minds directed to the arts are infinitely more valuable, and certainly safer, than the ability to fight with fists and guns.

Dorothy Clore


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