Why is the attorney general of Michigan going to be the grand marshal of a gay rights parade in Traverse City? Why is she spending time to remind everyone she is gay? We don’t care. Are there no other pressing issues she needs to attend to in Lansing? Furthermore, why is she perpetuating the in-your-face display to let everyone know yet again she is gay and proud of it? Who cares?

It is a disgrace to the office she holds to be out prancing around like a silly person celebrating who she sleeps with. As I said, we don’t care.

John Alford


Two-way streets

To the powers-that-be in Traverse City: Your chance is now here to assist in alleviating unnecessary traffic congestion by returning our oddball, confusing, constricting one-way streets in Traverse City to regular two-way streets.

With Eighth Street closed now, plus the removal of the West Front Street bridge and other bridge repairs slated soon, road traffic could be much more efficient if the streets flowed both directions like every good street should. (It’s your perfect opportunity!)

Why does Traverse City continue to live with a failed 1960s traffic experiment, allowing cars to move too fast for shopping conditions? State, Front, Boardman and Pine streets are not I-75.

Let’s allow traffic to move like it is supposed to, not around in square circuits or cut off.

Make the change before the bridges are gone, or sooner, to allow for easier flow with the Eighth Street closure. Thank you for your consideration!

John Williams

Traverse City

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