Act on climate change

I agree with the recent forum by Lisa Del Buono regarding climate change and the need to take action now.

The need to reduce polluting carbons called greenhouse gas is imperative for our future. We all are responsible and one way to help is to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever we can to prevent the gases as well as the plastics etc. from entering our air, water and land that the manufacturing and waste of many products produces.

Our legislature needs to focus on the changing climate and support Gov. Whitmer’s plan to restructure Michigan’s DEQ for the focus on our Great Lakes and clean energy. As is pointed out in Del Buono’s article, so much is at stake. We all need to act on climate change NOW.

Berta Meserve

Lake Ann

TC traffic congestion

As a resident of Elk Rapids who frequently drives between Traverse City and Elk Rapids, I believe there is an easy solution to the daily traffic slowdowns along Route 31 in the morning and evening during the summertime.

Most afternoons and early evenings when traveling this route, I have observed severe backups going out of Traverse City because of the poor timing of the traffic lights at Three and Four Mile Road intersections with Route 31.

These lights do not stay green long enough for traffic traveling east or west and are way too long for traffic traveling north, even though there are very few vehicles traveling north onto 31 at these intersections.

Once past Four Mile Road and 31, the traffic usually moves quickly through Acme and Williamsburg.

If the timing of these lights were changed, traffic could move quickly along these routes. I have never seen any city employee measuring or observing these traffic flows.

Perhaps big improvements in traffic flows could be achieved if more attention was paid to simple issues like the timing of our traffic lights.

Bob Streit

Elk Rapids