Overdose or murder?

I was appalled to read the June 23 article “Drugs: My son died because of him.” I had read about these deaths in previous news reports but to find out that James Leete, I won’t refer to him as a doctor, has had his license reinstated!

“But, after a March 20 vote from the medical board’s disciplinary subcommittee, Leete is free to practice again.” Shocking!!! And ... he can “apply for a controlled substance abuse license to prescribe controlled substances, like methadone, again.” More shocking!

Everything seems to point to Leete’s hand in the deaths of three people! And no murder charges? I can only hope that the families, with the proper help can, can get this man arrested, tried and convicted. And sent to prison for a very long time. But even that will never make up for the loss of their loved ones.

Tom Emmott

Traverse City