Inman inaction

The numbers don’t lie. All 104,139 citizens of Michigan’s 104th District — which includes all of Grand Traverse County — have lost representation in the Michigan legislature because of one individual representative: Larry Inman.

Since his indictment two months ago on three federal charges, there have been calls for Mr. Inman to resign from the public, the Democratic opposition and from Mr. Inman’s own party — at both the state and local levels. And yet, House Speaker Lee Chatfield now says that he will wait and see if Rep. Inman’s treatment for opioid addiction will “improve his judgment.”

What’s going on here?

Look a little closer and this pretense is exposed as the callous charade that it is: to run out the clock on Inman’s term and continue to deprive the citizens of Michigan’s 104th District of representation. House Speaker Chatfield has the power and could decide tomorrow to name a Select Committee and begin Inman’s expulsion from the House of Representatives.

When the news first broke on May 15, Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, called on Inman to resign. It is mid-July and the citizens of the 104th District still have NO representation in the Michigan legislature. What is Chatfield waiting for?

Margaret Monsour

Traverse City

Will was wrong

Re: Will's op-ed ‘Harris waffles on health insurance’

Mr. Will is one of the few conservatives remaining for whom I have any respect. However, he recently picked up the conservative meme that Medicare For All will "take away" health insurance from 217 million Americans. It won't. Done correctly it will provide a vehicle for health care access for everyone. This will likely be through a provision for a public option for health insurance. Ask anyone on Medicare and they will inform you that supplemental coverage is necessary.

Republicans spent 10 years demonizing the ACA. They have yet to offer anything more than promises "after the next election." The "Freedom Caucus" caused their so-called "repeal and replace" bill to fail. Our country spends up to 40 percent more on health care than other countries. We spend more, get worse results and cover fewer people than our peers — most of which use government-operated health delivery programs. "For profit" insurance companies add substantial burdens to our costs, but do little for delivery of services.

John M. Gerty, Jr.


Eighth Street construction

I have been watching with interest the ongoing project. We were told one completion price, but I see now we need to have more meetings and costs added to property owners for more unneeded additions. Park benches, irrigation and advertisement flag poles are really not needed in a road and sewer improvement. I was wondering, is the west end improvement project longer than the East Eighth Street project? Will this turn into a contest to see how many steel posts can be put in the ground and how many unneeded lights can be placed in the ground with lower lights right below them? It's hard to count all the posts on West Front and the only winner there was the post manufacturers.

I have another problem; I have yet to see as any reference to America on any of the so-called flag poles. I think it's time to take a real look as to what's important in these projects, not just a feather in someone's cap.

Thomas Evon

Traverse City

Eating a sport?

Over the holiday sports reports were brimming with news that the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest was won by Joey Chestnut for the 12th straight year. Well, good for him. But when exactly did stuffing as many hot dogs into one’s mouth and stomach in as short a time as possible become a sport?

Steve Morse

Traverse City

Negative message sent

From the outside and with limited knowledge of the situation, it seems to me that the four members of the Glen Lake School Board have made a poor decision to resign.

There are three reasons: first, it will be difficult to replace the outgoing superintendent having publicity described the conditions there as “toxic.” What qualified person would want to step into a toxic mess with any reasonable expectation that it could be cleaned up?

Second, and perhaps even worse, a message has been sent to the teachers’ union (declaring victory?) that it is running the show. If and when the union decides that the union or its members want to jettison the existing superintendent for whatever reason or no reason, they can do it. And, perhaps in the process, drive away members of the school board.

Finally, it may be difficult to find candidates for the vacancies on the school board (knowing now that they will just be grist in the mill run by the teachers).

Francis Newton

Traverse City

Case not closed

Case closed. A heartbreaking response.

So ends the life of another victim of domestic violence. If this murder occurred to a stranger, the community would be outraged. Because the victim knew her murderer, it’s swept under the carpet.

Reports of abuse occur at least twice a day in Grand Traverse County, of which weapons are involved over 90 percent of the time. This crime is one of control of intimate partners, using physical, sexual and psychological attacks as well as economic threats. Abusers are often charming and pleasant people. They may continue to be this way in public, while being abusive when they are alone with their partner. Once in a relationship, the abuser slowly turns up the heat until the water boils — often leading to fatal results. Sadly, there is no way to identify a batterer.

Many are encouraged to “just leave” an abusive situation — yet the majority of domestic violence murders occur when the victim attempts to end the relationship. This is when community support and safety measures are most critical. Education is the key to successfully empower woman and children. This must be used to educate us, or another woman has died in vain.

Case closed? Emphatically, NO!

Rorie Lewis

Traverse City