The 45-mile loop

The Bike Benzie Up North ride has become an annual event for myself and my neighbor (we have cottages in Honor). This year, my neighbor’s daughter, 16, decided she wanted to ride the 30-mile while we did the 62-mile. Along her way, she encountered the riders of the McLain’s cycling team. They adopted her into their group, encouraged her, rode with her, and talked her into finishing the 45-mile loop with them.

They kept their pace to hers, showed her how to draft to save energy, and when she started to get tired those last miles, they helped her continue. When they got to the finish line, they made sure she crossed first.

Up to then, her longest ride had been 18 miles. I can’t tell you how impressive that is. Lauren spent the rest of the weekend so pumped up and excited about what they had done for her she forgot how tired she was!

She’s already talking to her parents about needing a better bike. The McLain’s team changed her from a kid who goes on bike rides into a cyclist!

Brad Banks


Regardless of party

Impeachment is the appropriate action to take when a president repeatedly and knowingly breaks the laws of U.S. democracy. Robert Mueller has made it clear, and now is the time for Nancy Pelosi to begin proceedings.

The impeachment of President Trump must become a part of our recorded history, whether Senate Republicans acknowledge his guilt in a trial or not.

The question is will these Republicans be objective and honest, or like his core supporters, continue to follow blindly in a way that defies logic, ethics and intellect?

I implore Americans to exercise open-minded discernment.

The Mueller report enumerates numerous instances of obstruction that we, the American people, were witness to not so long ago. These were not isolated or accidental occurrences.

Equally offensive, even though likely not impeachable, are Trump efforts to silence health and climate scientists and mainstream news media. He has spat out tweets that bring death threats to his targets.

His expertise is bullying — a trait supporters seem to love the most.

Americans deserve an honorable president who respects and abides by the laws of our democracy, regardless of party.

Kate Dahlstrom

Traverse City