I and many others were very disappointed in the appearance of the Fife Lake Village Green for our Veterans Memorial Day Ceremony. Those who came to watch the ceremony were pulling dandelions out of the very long grass so it would look better for the ceremony. The flag not being lowered to half-staff and the appearance of the park was very disrespectful to all veterans. Shame on Fife Lake leadership and the maintenance person/people responsible for this.

Margaret Birgy

Fife Lake

Memorial Day service

I would like to recognize Daisy Girl Scout Ashlyn Eckerle and Brownie Girl Scout Brooke Duffiney for their participation in the Northport Community Memorial Day Service May 27 at the Leelanau Township Cemetery. Both young ladies, their dedicated Girl Scout leaders and parents took the time to remember our country’s veterans. Our country is in good hands when young women have the opportunity to learn civic responsibility and community service through the Girl Scout program. A big thank you to their Girl Scout leaders and parents!

Kathy Cole


Corruption in politics

I agree with the points made by Bill Hyslop in his June 2 letter. Not only do politicians need to spend too much time raising money, time better spent researching issues, but the money raised and used to get elected has become obscene.

Campaign finance reform requires some major changes. To eliminate the undue influence of contributions by not only companies but also unions, industry groups, lobbies, PACs and individuals, a better way must be found.

One approach would be for viable candidates to be allotted specific amounts to spend on their campaigns depending on the office they are seeking. If an entity has a good idea, it should be able to convince those candidates or office holders without throwing lots of money at it. Often an idea proposed by a single entity would benefit them at the expense of others.

An example of this is the federal mandate that gasoline must include 15 percent ethanol. The cost/benefit analysis when looking at all of the factors is on shaky ground. If the entity has a good idea, it should convince voters who then could present this to the politicians. The politician then could gauge the benefits to their constituents.

Robert Bosch

Traverse City