Line 5 ‘rehab’

I am distraught and furious. Just as significant numbers of energy providers are moving toward green, non-polluting power sources, the Enbridge Corporation is going back to turn-of-the-century methods.

I am speaking, of course, of the planned “rehab” of Line 5 pipeline running under the Straits of Mackinac.

These clumsy and threatening mechanics come just as the world is waking up to the preciousness of fresh water.

There is no way rescue efforts to an “accident” in this pipeline can restore the virgin quality of the Great Lakes. I refer to the “accident” in the Kalamazoo River recently, pollutants of which are still in the ground. Of course Enbridge Corporation made all kinds of promises for safety in that case, as well.

Our new attorney general is working to stem the tide of this potential disaster, but it will take an outpouring of citizens crying “foul” to add weight to the seriousness of Line 5 tableau.

I beg all readers to write the state, the parks and their legislators to stop this disaster.

Shirley Wall

Traverse City

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