What we care about

In response to the letter to the editor titled “Parade” in the May 30 edition of the Record-Eagle: Until I read your letter, I had no clue of the Michigan attorney general’s sexual orientation. I would like to believe that many of us didn’t — because you’re right, we don’t care who she sleeps with. What we do care about are her legal decisions that affect Michigan.

I assume next time we see a politician in a parade — supporting our veterans, St. Patrick’s Day or maybe our beloved cherries — we will see an additional letter from John Alford in regard to that person prancing around, acting like a silly person instead of doing their pressing work in Lansing.

Karry Kelly


Philpott endorsement

Cherryland Electric Co-op is having their annual board of directors meeting in May. I strongly recommend that Cherryland customers vote for Nicola Philpott. I have met her, attended her Citizens’ Climate Lobby film showings at the Interlochen Library and find her views on renewable energy potential and possibilities for this area of Michigan viable and realistic. Her credentials as a scientist, entrepreneur and professor of bio-chemistry are reassuring that someone like her can provide guidance and inspiration for northwestern Michigan's future role in addressing climate change concerns and strategies.

Allen McCullough


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