No moral integrity

I have been trying to find some way to justify the sins of Donald Trump in this situation that he has set up. He should be impeached and put in jail.

When will the citizens stop being passive bystanders to this man’s corruption and abuse of the office that he holds? The man simply does not have any moral integrity! The job of running the government, that we hired him to do, is not getting done. His “presidency” is more like a soap opera.

Trump is maligning the integrity of the democratic process and nobody seems to understand that. His true motive is to elevate the power of his influence to impress the top one percent of wealthy people in America. In so doing, it is his hope they will accept him into their “club.”

It is time for the American people to rise up in unison and remove this horrible person, and his equally jaded vice president, from office before it is too late. America, once a respected and trusted guardian of fairness and democracy is now the laughingstock of the world.

William E. Scott

Traverse City

Strangers on the trail

Mike Terrell’s essay “Markers and crosses ...” caused me some concern. While I understand him being troubled by the incident he described, it’s good that he didn’t approach the person who later committed suicide.

I worked my entire adult life as a probation/parole officer and had crisis intervention training. Suicidal people are often angry and direct that anger inward. Approaching them and saying or doing the wrong thing can cause them to suddenly direct that anger toward you. Since you don’t know the person, it’s easy to become their unintended victim.

Generally, if you are alone, it’s best not to approach strangers on the trail or at trailheads.

Based on my experience, I know I interrupted a drug deal at a trailhead in the Traverse City area. Fortunately, I went my way and they went theirs. When approaching strangers in an isolated area, a friendly hello is fine but always maintain a flight distance and watch for an escape route. There are no security cameras and help is not nearby. Trailheads near urban areas can be dangerous places.

Hunters tend to be pretty friendly. A smile and a wave are appreciated. We enjoy the same public land you are. Most will smile and return the wave.

Jim Ribby

Rapid City