Shootings and sales

I’m reading the weekend papers. The Record-Eagle includes “Solutions for a strange new world” by Mardi Link, “Again: When will enough be enough?” by Fred Goldenberg, “Mass shootings and worthy debates” by George Will and “Politics of gun violence in the aftermath of shootings” (Fact Check). All are articles reflecting on the recent shootings.

Then I read Dunham’s Sporting Goods Sunday flyer, where during their Sunday and Monday specials, you can save 10-40 percent on a Ruger AR-556, an Oracle .308 and a RAK-47 — among other assault-type rifles advertised. Seems ironic, doesn’t it?

David McGreaham

Traverse City

Donald Trump's day

1. Arise, tired from overnight tweets, and watch Fox News.

2. Based on Fox propaganda and who didn't agree with him, list who to attack. Shorten the list to a hapless few.

3. Apply orange makeup, leaving white circles around the eyes, and hair with a shelf over the forehead and combed over ears. Hide signs of gray, thinning or visible scalp or the groomer fired and labeled a socialist democrat.

4. Clear the Oval Office desk of anything that might divert viewers, once cameras start, from Donald.

5. Take Air Force One to and from the poorest, most backward states where admirers grasp every word and yell hateful chants. They know he’s above criticism. They see him radiating "It's true because I say it" and "If I say it, it's true."

6. Media have a shot at him so he doubles down on divisive rhetoric to show he's never wrong.

7. Return to the White House to remove the orange, tweet attacks to demean and vilify Americans, jab at allies and contemplate nominees for vacant cabinet or advisory posts.

8. Practice hand gestures and ensure his disdainful grimace projects superiority and intolerance. He says goodnight to his wife and heads to his bedroom.

Mort Gallagher

Traverse City

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