No good reasons

Not sure who’s behind the new Fish Pass design on the Boardman River, but Traverse City doesn’t need it. The Fish Pass adds more hardened riverbanks to a river that already has too many, and risks letting steelhead out-compete brook trout. The city knows the Fish Pass design is big, expensive, not needed, experimental and might not work, so why are they doing it?

And who’re the big thinkers behind Paddling for Pints, which encourages inebriated kayakers to spew their empty alcohol containers and who knows what else into the river?

The kayaking can be stopped with a change in the law, but the Fish Pass concrete and steel can’t be removed, not easily, and once the brook trout are gone, they can’t be brought back.

Nature in the next 100 years will become more precious than gold. Other cities are tackling this by restoring the natural environment in urban areas. Not so, Traverse City.

Does the river look clean to you? Ask yourselves.

Slick developers with big ideas and government agencies with untested experiments are going to descend on ditzy Traverse City because our poor protection of the environment advertises to the world that the city can be played.

Kathleen Stocking

Traverse City