Prevent gun violence

Recently I watched “After Parkland,” a documentary about the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. During the Q&A afterward, somebody asked what can be done to stop these shootings. The urgency of the issue is underscored by the mass shooting in El Paso that happened virtually as I was watching the movie, and then the mass shooting in Dayton that happened later that same evening. These are the 249th and 250th mass shootings of 2019.

What can be done? The answer begins with a single word: you. You are the person who will make a difference. You can speak out by writing letters, by talking with others, by being the example to others of what we all need to do to stop gun violence — get involved! You can influence others around you to do the same. Join a non-partisan anti-gun violence group such as Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence. Join a civic engagement group such as Indivisible. Join a group that’s fighting to get corporate money out of our political system, such as American Promise. Getting involved doesn’t cost much, just a bit of your time, but it will transform your life and it can transform our country.

John DeSpelder

Traverse City

Do something

We must act against our president who invites crowds' rage and insulting chants. His actions against journalists and demonstrators are much like a supremacists rally, for his entertainment and our disgust. He is a fake and a bully. He has taken away truths and the democracy of our country.

What can we do? Stop saying his NAME. The media is all too caught up in him, allowing his diversions/distractions. There are so many things he wants our attention to wander from; it makes our heads spin (his goal): immigration, caging people/children, North Korea, his beloved Putin and Russian interference in our elections, his and his daughters' outsourcing/exploitation of labor, shrinking national monuments in support of fossil fuel industries, omitting "climate change" from his world and his administrations, firing his experts in exchange for those who support him but lack experience.

I could go on and on. We must speak up. Vote; support our elected officials who have our safety, economics and welfare on the top of their agenda; call out those who are blindly following this unjust, prejudice, hateful, lying and divisive person. Nothing done is complacency, which supports this person in OUR White House.

Berta Meserve

Lake Ann