Striving to be heard

Speaking truth to power means believing in what we say and striving to be heard. It means demanding a moral response from our leaders.

In these times of purposeful divisions in America, it is critical for each of us to speak out for our passions and concerns for the future of our health, our children and our planet.

Many elected politicians forgo the common good in order to maintain position and status; constantly having to raise more money to stay in the game.

Concentrated wealth and corporate lobbyists have infiltrated our legislation and are gaining even more power while the purse strings are drawn tightly for social responsibility.

Deregulation of the fossil fuel industry is systematically destroying our atmosphere. If we don’t act together, the beautiful bounty of our earth will be devastated, consumed by greed and fueled by complacency.

We the people must speak truth to power and work together to rid our government of dark money influence and to reclaim our democracy.

Maggie Singer

Traverse City