Put dams to a vote

The talk about restoring the Boardman River to its natural, free flowing state resurfaces.

As long as culverts, bridges, roads, dams and other structures remain in, on, over and around the river, it will never be “natural.” Besides, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources declared it a natural river back in the 1970s. A “wild and scenic river” they called it with the dams in place.

Will they change where it now empties into West Bay back to where it was originally? Will they let all fish in West Bay migrate upstream as far as the want? What about the eels and carp?

A lot of questions remain after over $2 million has been spent studying removal. Another $9 million-plus will be spent removing the next dams. Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

The commissioners have a conflict between good intentions and the desire to hold and use their power, the power we gave them and the power we would like shared with us.

Let’s put dam removal to a vote by more than seven people. We are only one unusual event away from another catastrophe. Shared responsibility. Taxation with representation.

Norbert Tutlis

Traverse City

Parking police busy

As I’m sure any resident of Traverse City has noticed, the parking police have really stepped up the ticketing so far this spring and late winter. 

I just left my son’s basketball game at Central elementary around 6:11 p.m., just in time to see our parking patrol giving every single car in front of the school a ticket. Three sons and several games later I’ve never seen that; I sure hope that money goes to Leap and Traverse City Area Public Schools.

Scott Swanson

Traverse City

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