Role model for local restaurants

A few weeks ago I went to Joe’s Friendly Tavern in Empire. I was delighted to find that they have switched to paper straws, which are surprisingly sturdy. A few days ago, I went to Joe’s again and for leftovers they presented me with a sturdy paper bag and foil. Kudos to them for being a part of the solution. In addition to all that, the food is fabulous!

Dustin Tortorici

Traverse City

Bounty on Asian carp

Re: “Let’s move faster than the Asian carp” June 23 editorial

Simple solution: put a bounty on the carp — say, $1 each — to be paid to the person/persons who catch and turn in the fish. This would be less costly than spending $800 million by the Corps of Engineering.

Only problem might be the protectors would put on the endangered list if almost all were caught and turned in.

John E. Haggard


Congrats to Quiz Bowl winners TC Central

My husband and I enjoy following the state’s brightest high school students compete on WCMU’s Quiz Central starting each year in January. Traverse City Central High School once again won their division championship and June 19 won the Grand Quiz Bowl Championship over almost 50 other teams. There is so much coverage of the high school sports events and so little about these scholars.

Congratulations to all the team members and to their long time coach, John Failor.

Shirley Murray

Traverse City