Regulate natural gas

Michigan is a state that lives in communion with natural resources. The Great Lakes, timber and rich soil: our natural heritage fuels Michigan’s most prosperous industries.

However, this heritage is currently under attack by the natural gas industry whose virulent practices tarnish and deplete Michigan’s most central resource: water.

Fracking is a process that involves destroying ground rock formations for each producing well. The natural gas industry uses a sludge that consists of millions of gallons of water and thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals to break the rock. Twenty-nine of the commonly used chemicals are proven cancer-causing materials. Once pumped in to frack the rock, this sludge sits in the Great Lakes Basin for centuries to come.

However, even more alarming than its pollution is the sheer volume of water that the industry consumes every day -—millions of gallons.

Even worse, despite the natural gas industry’s enormous consumption the industry is currently exempt from state water withdrawal laws. Effectively, the Michigan Legislature has written the natural gas industry a blank check, and its currency is our water: the life-blood of Michigan’s economy.

Write your state legislator today. Demand they support bills that’ll further regulate the natural gas industry.

Emmet Pruss


Inspired by Amelia

The Record-Eagle’s Dec. 10 “Biking in a winter wonderland” photo made us smile. We’re very proud of Amelia, a third-grader at Glenn Loomis, for committing to ride to school through the winter. We could all learn a thing or two from this gritty, young leader as to what it means to be a part of an active, healthy and sustainable community.

We are inspired by Amelia and hope she keeps riding.

Ty and Johanna Schmidt

Traverse City

The writers are co-founders of NORTE! Youth Cycling

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